Meet Paul

Paul Lopez is a San Juan Capistrano homeowner, city commissioner, non-profit attorney, family man, and local volunteer with strong roots in our community. As Vice-Chair of the San Juan Capistrano Cultural Heritage Commission, he helps oversee multiple projects within the city and advises the council on promoting the awareness, appreciation, and preservation of the city’s vibrant history.

The first in his family to graduate from college, Paul worked full-time while putting himself through law school to support his wife and growing family. He now works as in-house counsel for a non-profit organization that provides mental health services to underserved communities throughout Orange County. His passion for serving also leads him to volunteer with the local food bank, as well as coaching his son’s little league team. Paul also teaches law part time at 2 community colleges.

The son of a USMC veteran and LAPD officer, Paul learned at a young age the value of hard work, discipline, and the importance of public safety and protecting neighborhoods. Now, he’s running for San Juan Capistrano City Council to continue that record of service and bring his experience and work ethic to the city he loves. He hopes to help create an even better city for his young family and future generations, with more recreation and small businesses for all to enjoy. He will work with all sides for the benefit of San Juan Capistrano. His wife is a schoolteacher in San Juan Capistrano and his 2 children also attend a local school.


It’s time for change in San Juan Capistrano. I chose to raise my family here and I’m running for City Council to make our special city even better. As your District 3 Councilmember, I’ll work every day to:

-Improve Traffic, especially on Del Obispo, Ortega Highway, and Camino Capistrano. As commissioner, I voted against projects that would worsen traffic without bringing additional value to residents.

-Protect our neighborhoods. As the son of an LAPD officer, I understand public safety and what it takes to protect our community. I’ll make sure our police and fire services have the resources to keep us safe.

-Tackle our homelessness crisis and find long-term solutions to the mental health, substance abuse, and homelessness epidemic in South Orange County.

-Create new environmental solutions to preserve our beautiful city for generations to come.

Paid for by Paul Lopez for City Council 2022 FPPC ID#: 1450049